What are the ongoing charges with AESF?

The table below summarises the ongoing fees we charge. You can refer to the following documents for further details of our fees.

Product Disclosure Statement

Member Guide

Type of FeeWhen Does it ApplyWhen Fees are CollectedFee Amount
Establishment FeeUpon receipt of an application for AESFOn receipt of the first transfer or contribution of funds$595
Per Transfer In On request of a transfer via cash and / or in-specieAt request$195
Investment FeeAnnuallyAnnuallyVariable
See Investment Guide
Annual AdministrationSuper (AUD Only Investment)Annually0.60%
Super (with non-AUD Investment)0.80%
Super (QROPS AUD Investment)0.80%
Super (QROPS non-AUD Investment)1.00%
Switching Fee No switching fee is appliedN/A0.00%
Buy Sell SpreadWhen switching your investment fundsWhen the switch is made0.10%
QROPS Reporting FeeWhen taking an Income from your QROPS FundAd-Hoc$295