Do I need a Financial Adviser to transfer my UK Pension to Australia?

It’s important to seek professional financial advice to make well-informed decisions about your pension funds, especially when transferring a pension. A qualified financial adviser can help protect you from the various tax risks involved in transferring a UK Pension overseas and create a tailored plan to align with your financial objectives.

When transferring a ‘defined benefit’ pension (e.g., a final salary scheme), involving a financial adviser is mandatory if the value exceeds £30,000. This requirement is because of the guarantees associated with these pensions. Your current scheme provider will require you to obtain a Transfer Value Analysis (TVAS) Report from a FCA Qualified adviser before permitting funds to be transferred out of the scheme.

We are NOT authorised to provide you with personal financial advice. We can only provide you with general advice regarding our product and the options available to you. However, we have close relationships with many financial advisers and can introduce you to a qualified adviser in your area.