Can I withdraw money from my Australian Expatriate Superannuation Fund?

Yes, but only once you have reached your ‘Preservation Age’. Your ‘Preservation Age’ in other words is your retirement age and provided that you meet a ‘condition of release’ at that age then you can flexibly access your funds.

These restrictions are known as the preservation rules. Access to your super is possible when one of the following has happened:

– You turn 65

– You retire from work and have attained your preservation age.

– You have reached preservation age and wish to commence a transition to retirement pension (TTR).

Your preservation age, determined by the Government, is 60; unless you were born in 1964. If you were born before June 1964, your preservation age will be as follows:

Date of Birth Preservation Age
Before July 1960 55
July 1960 – June 1961 56
July 1961 – June 1962 57
July 1962 – June 1963 58
July 1963 – June 1964 59
After June 1964 60

For further information, view the Australian Expatriate Superannuation Fund Member Guide.